Roni Horn

Portrait of an Image

September 7 - September 15, 2019

Peder Lund is proud to announce a photographic intervention in the public space of Oslo by the renowned American artist Roni Horn (1955- ). From September 7-15, the city centre will be subtly infiltrated with motifs by the artist.

The artistic intervention Portrait of an Image is a variant, in temporary form, of the earlier work Portrait of an Image (with Isabelle Huppert) (2005), a photographic series which comprises 100 images in which Horn captured the face of the French actress reflecting a wide range of emotions. For the photographic series, Horn photographed Huppert in twenty sequences with five images each; in each sequence, the actress briefly slides into one of her earlier roles, so that her face expresses personalities that do not exist in reality but nevertheless offer stunning and seemingly intimate encounters.

For the intervention in Oslo, Horn selected 20 motifs of this series which will be displayed on digital advertising boards in the pedestrian zone at Aker Brygge and inside Oslo Central Station. They will appear and disappear numerous times during the day, creating a transient performance, similar to the memory-based enactment of Huppert, from which they originated, but now transitioning and evolving further in the mind of the recipient. Each time, they will be only visible for a few seconds, creating a random encounter with the art for everyone who passes by them. The intervention mirrors the everyday experience of the short, speechless collisions in the urban space, but offering an open and unfamiliar vulnerable face to read. In contrast to the advertising images that dominate the urban space, no explanatory text, title or comment will accompany the work. The images speak for themselves.

The non-commercial project is sponsored by Peder Lund and the city of Oslo. A previous iteration of the photographic intervention Portrait of an Image was shown in Frankfurt in conjunction with Roni Horn’s exhibition at the SCHIRN in 2013/2014.