round gold sculpture in outdoor setting
white clown dressed in black clothes laying in front of a rainbow
Ellsworth Kelly
Roni Horn
Louise Bourgeois, Peder Lund
Franz West Tate Modern 2019
Franz West review – lumps, bumps and bawdy beads
Big metal spider
one green abstract sculpture, one white abstract sculpture installed in front of a building
reflective house inside savings bank detroit
Deeply saturated color photograph of a boy moving shopping carts
Three people gathered around a sonic table about to play
Black-and-white distorted photograph of naked woman
Round, white abstract sculpture with many shadows on the wall
Pink figurative drawing by Louise Bourgeois
Abstract blue, yellow, and black painting
An entire room filled with pink balloons
Two photographs of the backs of green birds
Image of bedroom with many colors
Portrait of woman's head on a yellow background. The woman is wearing a mustache.
Richard Serra speaking in front of his work
black-and-white drawing by Robert Irwin
Catherine Opie looking at a photograph of her breastfeeding her son
Hanging sculpture
Abstract drawing of black circle
Photograph of Long Island Railroad stop at Hunter's Point New York at sunset
Portrait of Ed Ruscha holding a cup of coffee
black-and-white photograph of man reading newspaper on subway
Jack Shear, Ellsworth Kelly’s partner, with a model of “Austin,” which Kelly refined in the last year of his life.