Illuminated sculpture of a payphone
bound woman lying on steps with lizard
Green, pink and brown box on the floor
Couple laying on chairs on lawn sunbathing
Large metal black box with yellow border
Two large stone spheres very close to each other
Painting on paper of red shapes with a blue background
Altered photograph of a shirtless man with a beard holding up his hands as if to be boxing
Neon green sign spelling the word DOGS
Video still of a woman looking out of a window
Color photograph of a countertop of a diner
interior of house with many religious images hanging on the wall
Photograph of planes on runway
A painting on a frame with different shades of green
Purple glass cylindrical sculpture
Pastel painting with white strip on the left side
Black-and-white distorted photograph of naked woman
Large black sculpture of Snow White and her dwarves
Two dolls on blue sand. One is laying, one is sitting on a chair
Blurry photograph of Niagara Falls
Colorful abstract painting
sculpture of a head of a creature on a wooden pedestal
Drawing of a mountain peak with a single white line across it
Abstract wooden sculpture painted with black lacquer
Wooden sculpture made of painted yellow and orange chopsticks
Abstract black painting
white sculpture with five rings